The Robert C. Byrd Institute will offer Maker Camps in July and August.

Campers aged 9-16 will gain first-hand experience in 3D design and printing, computer coding, electronics, 2D design, and laser-cutting. Campers will explore careers in manufacturing and technology with a virtual tour of a local manufacturer. Participants will complete a custom designed 3D printed project and – new this year – a custom, illuminated, laser-cut project!

Introducing all new Virtual STEM offerings from RCBI!

During this unprecedented pandemic, our ability to adapt is as critical as our need to connect, and seldom before has the simple act of connecting been more challenging. RCBI has risen to this challenge of virtualizing content with a vibrant series of 3D Printing & Maker Camps across the state.

Campers will engage over Zoom, and use robust open-source online platforms to accelerate learning and partake in the fun hands-on challenges that have made our camps so engaging. 

Cost is $25, and seats are limited... (they're going to fill up fast!)

Dates & Times:

  • Williamson, WV – Aug 3-7


Zoom 9 am - 12 pm Daily
*Meet-up and Group Project Work

Troubleshooters 1 - 2 pm Daily
*Optional office-hours assistance, as needed

Free-for-All!Tuesday & Thursday, TBA
*Robotics Programming by NASA WV:

Maker Faire! Friday, 11 am - 12 pm
*Share this YouTube Live link with grandparents, friends and peers!

What You'll Need.

  • Access to stable internet connection, capable of streaming
  • A computer capable of running the Google Chrome browser, and Zoom
    • a netbook, Chromebook, Mac, or PC will work
    • a mouse with scroll wheel is recommended as navigating 3D design with a touchpad can be challenging

What You'll Receive.

Campers will receive their custom 3D print, 2D laser-cut project, T-Shirt, and Certificate by mail immediately following close of the camp!

NASA IV&V Education Resource Center will provide two blocks of incredible Robotics content during the "Free-for-All" portion of the camp on Tuesday and Thursday. During these days, free accessible tools, news, and resources related to robotics clubs and competitions throughout the region will be explored in detail with our campers, educators, and peers around the region!

Campers will receive highly interactive 3D Design training and guidance. Their projects will be printed and laser cut during the camp, and be broadcast via live-stream so campers can watch their creations take shape!

Campers will also receive 2D Design training, create a custom laser-cut project, and receive a free, remote-controlled LED light display for their transparent laser creation!


Engaging activities introduce an entrepreneurial mindset and open eyes to new approaches and possibilities while building experience and confidence. A Maker Faire at the end of the week also streamed on YouTube live behind an Unlisted link will give campers an opportunity to share their creations and all they’ve learned with you, friends and family!

Special Thanks, and a Special Opportunity...

We are grateful to the Nuts Bolts & Thingamajigs foundation, for continued support of RCBI's Manufacturing Camps!

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission’s Division of Science and Research

Also, Suddenlink, whose generous support has made possible not only T-Shirts this year, but the Suddenlink Scholarship; 5 seats per camp reserved for families facing financial challenges.

*Interested in the Suddenlink Scholarship? First, fill out the Registration, and fill out an application instead of proceeding to payment... you'll receive a determination almost immediately! 

Enroll your camper!

*Please fill out a separate form for each Camper!