3D Printing & Maker Camp! Bridgeport, Day 4…

Camper Reese teaches how to use the roundness dialogue

We Began with another 3D Design Exercise, and focused on custom made parts. After watching a guide video for making organic forms in 3D, we let you take the lead, and teach one-another tips and tricks you’ve learned in TinkerCAD!

We learned about the 3 Civil Air Patrol STEM kits while we worked. As we populated our build-plates with models (using our naming convention) we trickled out to the workspace to complete final verification of line-following robots.

Facilitator Bob Oehler diligently troubleshoots a robot during lunch!




Everybody rotated from verifying, troubleshooting, and tuning line-following robots, to moving in groups of 4 or 5 between the 3 STEM Kits!

  • Snaptricity¬†
    • Theory
    • Pick a project
    • Build Circuits!
    • Theory
  • Renewable Energy
    • Select a project
    • Kit Project build!
  • Sphero
    • Driving & Control
    • Drawing & sensor feedback
    • Select an project, game, or coding exercise
    • Play, learn, drive, draw, & CODE!


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