2021 Agriculture Innovation Showcase Challenger Registration opens on January 7th.

The deadline for this year's virtual, video-submission is February 15th.

Please register for and attend the Agcellerator Master Classes and return to this page as resources from the Master Classes are added. These resources will help you prepare a competitive submission.

Find below resources and instructions to aid you in your journey to become a Challenger in this year's Showcase!



The contest is open to West Virginia students grades 7 - 12.

Competitors can register as individuals, or on a team of up to 3.

You will be asked to provide a Project/Idea Summary, Problem Statement, Solution Statement, and Impact Statement; each limited to 500 characters.

*see "Guidance on Challenger Registration" below for more details. 

You will be asked to upload a Innovation Challenge Video with your submission, which is limited to 3 minutes.

*see "Guidance on Innovation Challenge Video" below for more details. 


Guidance on Innovation Challenge Video

Your video submission must not exceed 3 minutes.

Click below to view or download the judging criteria (rubric). This document will help you prepare your project for success, and provide guidance for preparing your entry. Use the rubric to guide your project descriptions, and competition video content.

2021 Rubric 1st Round Pitch


Guidance on Challenger Registration

You will be asked to enter the following information in the registration form:

  • Your contact information, and that of your team
  • Parent/Guardian contact information
  • School Information, and Teacher contact information
  • Project/Idea Summary, Problem Statement, Solution Statement, and Impact Statement
    • *each limited to 500 characters.
  • Innovation Challenge Video
    • Introduce your Project/Idea, Problem, Solution, and Impact
    • Demonstrate your Project/Idea
    • *limited to 3 minutes in length

You will be asked to select a category for your submission. See categories and descriptions below:

  • Power Structural and Technical Systems
    • Focuses on on structures, mechanized tools and machines, and other technical infrastructure systems in the agriculture industry
  • Animal Systems
      • Focuses on the areas of animal production and management, animal science, livestock production, aquaculture, equine science and companion animal care
  • Food Products and Processing Systems
    • Focuses on the processing of raw food materials into customer ready products
  • Agribusiness Systems
    • Focuses on the business and marketing support side of the Ag, Food, and natural Resources industry
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Management Systems
    • Focuses on areas that relate to natural resources, forest and wildlife management, and environmental factors impacted by the agriculture industry
  • Plant Systems
    • Focuses on areas of plant science, greenhouse management and production, fruit and vegetable production, floriculture and turf and landscape systems


Guidance on Video Upload

Upon completion of the registration form, you will receive a success message with a click-to-upload link. This message will include guidance on uploading, as well as contacts for troubleshooting if you have any problems.

Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration details.

If you have already uploaded a video submission to a sharing platform such as YouTube, or uploaded your video to DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or other such service, you may include that link in the Challenger Registration form as well.

(registration form button call to action HERE)

Ag Innovation Challenger Registration

Ready to register as a challenger? GREAT!