This page will be used for your continued access to resources used during the training. Please save the link, or bookmark it... Our goal is for you to use this resource in the classroom, to refresh you on equipment and setup, workflows, resources and instructions, as well as links to helpful gear and educational tools.

We at RCBI are pleased you're here, excited to contribute to accelerating tech and STEM in the classroom, and grateful to the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, for their continued support of incredible programs like this!

Thank to all of the above for making this possible!

*Original Recording

AgTech Training, Resource Presentation, Demonstrations, and guides were presented on August 19th, 2020. Find below the original recording of this live training.


1-1:55 pm


Break - 5 min

2-3 pm

Data & Environmental: A Deep Dive into Kit Hardware, Resources and Possibilities

  • Welcome Anne Axel from MU Biology!
  • Intro Citizen Science Environmental Monitor
    • Setup, assembly, and resources
    • The website, data, and it's uses
    • Future possibilities, and other hardware...
  • Q&A, networking, and wrap-up!


Evan Nelson

Lean Agriculture Systems Specialist at RCBI

  • Program Missions
  • Local by Local Webinars:
    • Search "Local by Local" on Facebook: select Food & Farm Expo Webinar Workshop Series
  • Ag Innovation:
    • Walnut Syrup
    • 'Dippy Do' ice-cream, with 3D Printed molds
  • Ag Showcase...
  • FYI and Resources

Deacon Stone

STEM Education & Maker Programs at RCBI

How about you?!

  • Individual introductions, areas of interest and expertise...

Hardware and Kits You'll be Receiving...

Smart Citizen Kit https://bit.ly/3fgqbgY
Wyze Camera https://amzn.to/2YqFbly
Camera Mount https://amzn.to/2YxhuZ3
sd card (x2 pack) https://amzn.to/2B55MMR
sd card (x5 pack) https://amzn.to/2UB6Vmm
laptop https://amzn.to/2zrprGB
battery https://amzn.to/2UAHl0I
toolboxes https://amzn.to/3dYhjw3
3D Printing Pen https://amzn.to/3knBRAB
3D Printing Mat https://amzn.to/36yrViG

You can find the actual product from one of the vendors from whom your kit item or hardware was sourced. Manufacturers often provide resources such as guides, instruction manuals, project booklets, drivers, downloads, and detailed descriptions on their websites.

Makers and hobbyists on outlets such as YouTube often detail incredible projects which can be found by simply searching for your kit or hardware by name!

Below we detail a few resources for specific items and kits; with concentration on the kits and projects we'll be doing hands-on in the classroom... but with a little exploration, lots of resources are ready-at-hand...!!!

Wyze Camera

The Camera:


Setup wizard, instructions:


Website (view video/use)

Evan Nelson's Deployed Camera and it's Footage:

Evan will demo the Wyze app, review video, and demonstrate the interface

Future Possibilites, Hardware, and Approaches:

  • Sharing cameras with other Wyze account owners is a free basic functionality
  • Review footage, record live footage or reviews to a phone or other device, speak over cameras, and hear camera audio: are all free basic fuctions of the camera, out of the box!
  • At any time users can remove the SD card from the camera, and place footage on a computer for editing, time-lapse, etc
  • Easy to use app-based console, for iOS or Android
  • You can subscribe to their service, to store footage in the cloud

Smart Citizen Environmental Monitoring Kit

The Kit:


Setup wizard, instructions:


Website (view sensors/data)

Deployed Kits and their Data:

Anne Axel's:




Future Possibilites, Hardware, and Approaches:

SenseBox, show and tell: a "swiss-army-knife" monitor, which requires some coding


Our Contact Info:

Bill Woodrum:
Agricultural Innovations
(304) 781-1670

Evan Nelson
Lean Agriculture Systems Specialist
(304) 781-1657

Deacon Stone
STEM Education & Maker Programs
(304) 781-1659

Q&A and Requested Resources

As questions come in, and are answered, we'll post them here for everyone's benefit!


*A supplement to our 08/19 training will be offered after you receive your kits; we'll add resources here on an ongoing basis as we support your progress.