Day 1.) (Monday!)

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...ask that we complete this short pre-camp survey!

*Look for: Marshall University Research Corporation on behalf of the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) - Bridgeport

  • Receive your engineering notebook and pen
  • Intro to 3D Printing, technology, and design
  • Intro to TinkerCAD, lesson exercises
  • TinkerCAD Custom Project: Keychain
    • Slice and prepare your model for printing, in groups by name-tag color

11:30 - Lunch! - Walk to the Robert C. Byrd Aerospace Education Center

  • Continue slicing & printing as needed, in color groups
  • Explore Thingiverse
  • Demonstrate downloading and printing
    • Settings: Infill, Support, & Bridging
  • Get your special Camp supplies...!
    • Toolbox, line-following-robot, I Can Solder badge, Screwdriver Set
    • Put your Engineering Notebook and Pen inside and, place your name-tag on the outside!
      • *Leave it here, though, we'll be working from it during the week 😉 !

Day 2.) (Tuesday)

  • MakerBot Print will be demonstrated in detail!
  • Review prints from yesterday, receive key-chains if you haven't already *new logins for TinkerCAD for some...
  • Watch guide video for basic soldering

  • I Can Solder! Badge Kit: This video will help us, step by step...

  • Proceed to the Aerospace Education Center
  • Safety Review! Then solder your button kit
  •  - Break -
  • Return to the computer lab classroom when done for Design Exercise 2: Preparing small models -downloaded from Thingiverse- for printing on the MakerBot
  • Learn about effects of raftssupport, and Bridging

11:30 - Lunch - 12:15

  • Get models printing (3 per machine, with new filament colors) if we haven't already!
  • Intro to Manufacturing - how we'll build line following robots!
  • Determine setup and process: Start on, or set-up robot assembly

2:00 - Dismiss

Day 3.) (Wednesday)

  • Tee Shirt Day! - Receive your 3DP Camp tees and put them on
  • Take your Toolboxes, and head over to the Aerospace Education center for...
  • Line Following Robot CONSTRUCTION!
    • Building with team workstations
    • Assembly with investigation and collaboration
    • Populating the board with a small number of components
    • Solder
    • Return to team-tables to populate your board with more parts...

11:15 - Lunch!

12:15 - Head to Bombardier! A sophisticated aerospace company, right around the corner - by van!

  • Learn about their work, the factory environment, what they do, and how they do it, and why!
  • Group Photo day!
    • RCBI out standing in our field... 😀
    • Bombardier out in front...
  • Return, tie up loose ends, ready for pickup

Day 4.) (Thursday)

  • Head over to the Aerospace Education Center for...
  • Completion of Line-Following Robots!
  • A turn on Pierpont's Flight-Simulator!
    • As you complete, troubleshoot, and tune your line-following robot, we'll head in small groups over to the nearby hangar with Joel W. Kirk Chief Pilot / Director Aviation Center of Excellence Fairmont State University LtCol, USMC/USAF! (Ret)
  • Rotate to STEM kits, starting with Kinex Renewable Energy kit!
    • Pick a project, and build it!

11:30 - Lunch!

  • Receive your grid paper and pencil for the Design & Digital Exercise as led by Philip Taylor!
  • Create frames of animation on grid-paper, and turn them into BINARY!
    • Visit one of the CrowPi kits to turn your drawings into a digital animation!
  • Continue rotating through STEM kits...



Kinex Renewable Energy

  • Sphero-receive an introduction to:
    • Driving & Control
    • Drawing
    • Drag-and-Drop Coding!
  • Dismiss, ready for pickup

Day 5.) (Friday!)

*Look for: Marshall University Research Corporation on behalf of the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) - Bridgeport

Flex-day: We'll be orbiting between different STEM kits and activities...

  • Sphero
  • Snaptricity
  • Kinex Renewable Energy


  • Sphero Obstacle Course CHALLENGE!
    • Form 2 teams of 3 & 3, each team gets a Sphero and tablet
      • PLAY: Driving & Control! *if you haven't already (10 Min., everyone gets a turn)
      • Drawing & sensor feedback
      • Practice and code for obstacle course (Nearby Hall)
      • Take turns with your opposing team programming for the course
    • Run & Score obstacle course!
      • Gain points for obstacles cleared, objectives met, and percentage completion of the course
      • Lose points for obstacles encountered
    • Highest point run (best out of 3) wins!

Then the other half of the campers form 2 teams and take their turn!

11:45 - Lunch: Pizza!

12:15 - Dessert: LEAN Manufacturing Exercise; ICE-CREAM!

12:45 - Cleanup & prepare for Mini Maker-Fest!

Explore Time: A Tour of RCBI!

  • Pick your favorite kit or project and work more with it!
  • Finish up any outstanding projects
  • Make sure you know how to keep the models you made this week... even share them...
    • Chicken prosthetic leg Thingiverse demo
    • Other repositories
    • Yeggi search engine for 3D Models!
  • Your NEXT LEVEL of tools & software...
    • Google Sketchup
    • Autodesk: Fusion 360
  • Line-Following Robots: THINK BIG...
    • Theory, circuits demystified; why/how is it doing that??

2:00 - Welcome Parents & Show-off 😉 !!

  • Present Certificates
  • Present Commendations
  • Help Campers Gather Take-Home Items & Depart

*Be sure to share contact info with the friends you've made at camp so you can stay in touch!

Don't forget, you can find lots of resources, as well as blog posts about your visit to camp, at !


Pictured with: John Moon (top R) Program Manager; Jason Martin (top 2nd from R) Sheet Metal Crew Chief.

Jason Martin (top) Sheet Metal Crew Chief; John Merrill (R) Non-Destructive Testing lab, Bombardier.

Nick George: Pierpont Community & Technical College; Aviation Maintenance Program Instructor.

News Coverage

General Resources!!

Coding with Minecraft Pi

Click here to download a .zip of the .py script we used to program, flash, and animate the CrowPi LED matrix - shows up on your screen too!


Line Following Robot Short Assembly Video:

Click below to download the PDF...

Line Following Robot Kit Instruction and Assembly Sheets!