*Additional upload resource:

  • Use this link, if you're having trouble uploading to the Google Drive folder, logging in, or if you are on different devices (such as Zoom on a tablet, while you're making your files on a laptop or other computer)
  • Pull up the agenda (go to this page wvmakes.com/camp2020 on your other computer) and access the link... or if you're on the computer that has your files on it, click this link below for a simple upload!
  • You'll be presented with a simple drag-and-drop interface!
  • Your files will go into the Shared Camps Folder on the Google Drive!


Day 1.) (Monday!) - Welcome Aboard!

9-9:50 SYSTEMS!!!

PARENTS--This survey to be filled out by Campers: Time to do so has been provided during the camp!--

  • Our sponsors seek to measure Campers' baseline knowledge and exposure to STEM and Manufacturing opportunities before, then after the camp!
Our sponsors:

...ask that we complete THIS short pre-camp survey! (*omitted as camps are complete for the season)

*Look for: (*omitted as camps are complete for the season)

  • Receive your camp booklet & Resources from NBT!


Log into our Google Account for file Sharing!!

Naming Convention for Files... VERY IMPORTANT!!

  • Each of you please use your First Name for your files (add the first letter of your last name, if there are any matching names).

You will be asked to save files, and drop them into the appropriate folders in Google Drive, so the team can 3D Print, and Laser-Cut them! Please name your files like this...

  • Intro to TinkerCAD, login, lessons exercises
  • TinkerCAD Custom Project: Keychain or Zipper Pull
    • Assess these designs, and work together in groups inside of design spaces, to address any issues
    • Are portions floating? Is everything grouped?
    • How will these models work in a 3D Print environment; will they print properly, or at all?!

9:50-10 BRAIN BREAK!!!

Get up and MOVE! Take a break, and come back in 10!

This will keep us sharp, focused, and moving at a steady pace!

10-10:50 Continued 3D Design/3D Printing Basics!!!

10:50-11 BRAIN BREAK!!!

11-12 Continued 3D Design/3D Printing Basics!!!

Slice-up the day, and be ready for 3D printing of small custom projects!!

1-2 Troubleshooters/Office-hours!!!

Feel free to pop in and hang out with us and one-another for this extra daily hour to help you through any challenges, discuss the development of your projects, and ask in-depth questions!

Our team will use this time to connect, and determine our rolling agenda, and make sure the camp is suiting you! We would love to have your feedback and input here!


Day 2.) (Tuesday) - Coding + ROBOTICS Day!

A note on our communication: 

Think of this camp as a podcast that we're all guests on together. If there's not a vacuum running, or other noise on your end, feel free to stay un-muted! 

We'll all feel more connected, responsive, and learn more together if we can stay in good communication!


9 am...

Discuss the Trifecta of 3D Printing!

1.) Build-plate Adhesion

2.) Support Material

3.) Infill

  • Computer Lab: What is a print-slicer? Run some simulations, tweak some settings and find out!
  • RCBI Maker Vault: Adopt a printer!!
    • Group-up and adopt a printer, each with a laptop, and we'll cater a print-slicing program to your printer
    • MakerBot Print and CURA (slicers) will be demonstrated in further detail!
  • Populate the print-bed (build-plate) with the Custom Keychain designs of your group, and get printing!

9:50-10 BRAIN BREAK!!!

10 am...

Today's session will be Live Streamed on YouTube!

We'll be joined by our friends from NASA WV! Presenting Robotics resources

  • Review prints from yesterday, slice key-chains and small printed items as groups

Resources from Bobbi at with NASA Robotics Outreach!!

Download PDF of 2020 Robotics Giveaways by NASA!

NASA’s Robotics Expansion Project

Jump into VEX VR at:



Bonus content: Raspberry Pi

What are some cool projects I could do with it?

Let's search for some resources online!


Bonus content: Soldering!

10:50-11 BRAIN BREAK!!!

11 am...

Continue VR Exploration

Finalize camper designs and keychains, ensuring final 3DP projects are printed!

Troubleshooters 1-2

Day 3.) (Wednesday!) - Manufacturer Tour, 2D Design!

3DP Review!

Check out our prints, talk about slicing, and ensure everyone has an understanding of 1.) Adhesion 2.) Support material 3.) Infill

Talk about 3D Printing generally, advanced models, bridging, vase-mode/spiralize, functional assemblies, and compliant mechanisms! And.... slicers like Cura!

Introduce the GlowForge Laser-Cutter

Video and browser-based connected software tour...

Camp Staff intro:

Drew Lees - Camps Admin, president of MU VEX Club, Admin for Maker Camps 2020!

Dylan Thacker -  Former Putnam Area Rototics Team (PARTs) Captain, Design & Drive Team member, Camps Admin at RCBI!

Tyler Brandstetter - Camps Volunteer, entrepreneurship at RCBI!

Deacon Stone - Innovation & Maker Programs, Camps Director at RCBI!

How About YOU?!


2D Design!

Get introduced to Gravit Designer!



* We have an account you can log into:

  • User: rcbiguest000@gmail.com
  • Pass: rcbipass

This program works a lot like Adobe's Illustrator, you can create vector graphics that a vinyl-cutter, or laser-cutter can follow! We'll show you how!!


Manufacturer Tour!

We'll be joined by Bob Lillie from Suddenlink who will reveal the tech & telecommunications infrastructure and all around us; and all the jobs, and educational opportunities that creates!!

  • Tee Shirt Day! - We'll reveal this year's t-Shirts, and add them to your mail-out kits!

Laser cutting!

We'll prepare our drawings for laser-cut

* We will likely not complete them all today! Join us in Troubleshooters (1-2 pm) for help, and we'll also continue on this project on Thursday!


Day 4.) (Thursday) - 2D & Robotics II!

1.) Get further on Gravit designer, for our Laser-Cut Project!!

  • We'll be uploading all your final files for cut today!

2.) We'll be joined by NASA WV Robotics' Ryan Utzman, to learn about his journey, support for robotics programs in WV, and additional resources! --This portion Live Streamed on YouTube for robotics interested partners and community friends!

3.) Finalized files for Gravit, first Laser-Cuts created LIVE!

  • For those of you who complete the laser cuts first we'll jump back into TinkerCAD to reinforce 3D learning, explore other functions of TinkerCAD such as electronics, programming, coding, and other capabilities!


Day 5.) (Friday!) - Review, Entrepreneurship, Post-Camp Survey, Tour, and MAKER FAIRE!

1.) Review all resources used, get a bit more in-depth with TinkerCAD, introduce Thingiverse, and show prosthetic chicken leg project... SERIOUSLY!!

  • At 9:30 We'll be joined by Tyler Brandstetter of RCBI's Entrepreneurship Programs!... He'll share some stories of entrepreneurship and project development, and we'll have an interactive conversation!
    • What is business...? What is entrepreneurship?!
    • You may find these to be far different than you ever dreamed...


2.) Return to a Tour of RCBI's Center for Innovation and Shared Manufacturing!

  • We'll see the BIG equipment, for metal-cutting, bending, milling and machining...!!
  • By 10:40, take the POST-CAMP Survey Below...

Our sponsors:...

...ask that we complete THIS short post-camp survey! (*omitted as camps are complete for the season)

*Look for: (*omitted as camps are complete for the season)


3.) Return at 11:00 to our YouTube LIVE Streamed Recognition & Certificate presentation ceremony, the Maker Faire!

  • We'll show of what we've made, review our camps format and connected platform accomplishments, recognize our staffers and each of youI
  • See what you'll be receiving by mail!
  • Certificates, 3D and 2D projects, T-Shirt, LED Light Display, as well as some gear from our sponsors at Suddenlink!!

*Share this LINK with Friends & Family so they can join!!



Close of Camp - Thank you so much, we had an absolute BLAST we hope you did too, and that the learning continues on the open-source or free connected platforms you learned during the camp!!!


*Be sure to share contact info with the friends you've made at camp so you can stay in touch!

Don't forget, you can find lots of resources, as well as blog posts about your visit to camp, at www.WVMakes.com !

General Resources!!

Coding with Minecraft Pi

Click here to download a .zip of the .py script we used to program, flash, and animate the CrowPi LED matrix - shows up on your screen too!