Day 1.) (Monday!) - 3D Day!

Our sponsors:

...ask that we complete THIS short pre-camp survey!

*Look for: Marshall University Research Corporation on behalf of the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) - Huntington

  • Receive your camp booklet, engineering notebook and pen
  • Intro to 3D Printing, technology, and design
  • Intro to TinkerCAD, lesson exercises
  • TinkerCAD Custom Project: Keychain

11:30 - Lunch!

  • Computer Lab: What is a print-slicer? Run some simulations, tweak some settings and find out!
  • RCBI Maker Vault: Adopt a printer!!
    • Group-up and adopt a printer, each with a laptop, and we'll cater a print-slicing program to your printer
    • MakerBot Print and CURA (slicers) will be demonstrated in further detail!
  • Populate your print-bed with the Custom Keychain designs of your group, and get printing!
  • Receive your camp toolbox, I Can Solder badge, Screwdriver Set.

Day 2.) (Tuesday) - Coding + Day!

Start in the Computer Lab!

  • Please note: Tomorrowno open-toed shoes or sandals!
  • Review prints from yesterday, receive key-chains and small printed items if you haven't already

What is a Raspberry Pi Zero...?

What are some cool projects I could do with it?

Let's search for some resources online!

As we're getting to know our Pi Zero LET'S GET TO KNOW ONE-ANOTHER BETTER TOO!

Camp Staff intro:

Bob Oehler - Engineer and PLTW Teacher, Chesapeake, OH

Drew Lees - Former Student Volunteer, Staffer for Maker Camps 2019!

Philip Taylor - Software Developer, Serial Tech/Robotics Volunteer!

Deacon Stone - Artist & Maker Programs Director for RCBI!

9:30 - We'll be joined by Jeremy Turner of Marshall University's College of Business!... He'll share some slides and videos, and we'll have an interactive conversation!

  • What is business...? What is entrepreneurship?!
    • You may find these to be far different than you ever dreamed...

How About YOU?!

--Break (Brief!!)--


We will split into 2 groups, 1 & 2

Group 1 Will Explore Raspberry Pi Zero W cases!

  • What's available online?
  • Did you find one you like?
  • Would you like to mod one or design your own from scratch...?!
  • Complete a case, name and upload your .stl file into your group's color folder in the Google Drive, Day 2 folder

Group 2 Will make the I Can Solder Button Badge kit in the Maker Vault!

Watch these guide vids, then we'll break to our respective spaces!

  • Watch guide video for basic soldering
  • I Can Solder! Badge Kit: This video will help us, step by step...
  • Safety Review! Then solder your button kit

12:00 - Lunch!

~~After Lunch We'll swap!~~

When both groups are finished with Pi Case files, and Soldering, we'll slice each group's cases onto the print-beds!

  • Put your Engineering Notebook and Pen inside and, place your name-tag on the outside!
    • *Leave it here, though, we'll be working from it during the week 😉 !

Day 3.) (Wednesday) - Manufacturer Tour!

8:30 - Camper Sign-in's/dropoff...

  • Tee Shirt Day! - Receive your 3DP Camp tees and put them on

Header Pins & PiCraft...!


We will split into 2 groups, 1 & 2

Group 1 Will Explore your Raspberry Pi Zero W!

  • Connect your Pi to the computer screen, mouse and keyboard through a usb hub.
  • Boot-up your pi, and explore its contents and resources!
  • Games, coding, play and learning!

Group 2 Will solder your header pins onto your Raspberry Pi in the Maker Vault!

Group 2, as you finish, return in groups to the computer lab and begin on your entirely custom project in TinkerCAD.

11:30 - LUNCH! - We'll be joined by Chris & Laura Riegel of Blue Ink Tech!

12:15 - Walk to Blue Ink Tech, here in Huntington, WV!!

  • Tour, Snack, take in a presentation
  • Tour Manufacturing space, where electronic tracking & logging devices being produced, sold, supported, and developed!
  • Group Photo day!
    • RCBI out standing in our field... 😀
    • Blue Ink Tech (BIT) out in front...

1:00 - Return, tie up loose ends, ready for pickup

Day 4.) (Thursday) - GPIO & CrowPi Day!

**do the binary exercise this day!!**

  • Please note: Tomorrowno open-toed shoes or sandals!
    • **We'll tour RCBI's Shared Manufacturing space!

We will be focusing on 3 main activities today...

1.) An Binary Animation with CrowPi

2.) Your final 3D Printed Project

  • Slice your final project by color group onto a print-bed in the Maker Vault!
  • **Some of these files may be in the Day 3 (Wednesday) folder in the Google Drive
  • When your color group is finished with a print-bed, see us for an SD Card to get your print started!

3.) GPIO in pairs

  • Pair up with a neighbor, and one of you take out and hook up your Pi: keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
  • Receive a breadboard and components
  • Follow along with Philip who will lead an input/output exercise in Scratch on your pi!!

Finally: Anyone who needs to solder can solder when we have the time and opportunity. We'll take Lunch whenever it arrives, then return to our activities.

Squeeze in an Introduction to Sphero when we can 😉 !

Day 5.) (Friday!)

Our sponsors:...

...ask that we complete THIS short post-camp survey!

*Look for: Marshall University Research Corporation on behalf of the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) - Huntington

First Start by Cleaning & Straightening our areas!

Bob will provide a prepared thumb drive with the Scratch program you created with a partner yesterday!

*If you'd like this saved on your pi, there will be a station set up: Bring your pi, and Bob will show you how to save it to your own!


Flex-day: We'll be orbiting between different areas

Continue STEM kits until EVERYONE has completed the following exercises:

  • Project Finish-up!
    • 3D Design/Printing *Nothing NEW, just tying up loose ends 😉 !
    • Soldering *a COUPLE of you need cleanup, and have a few more pins to solder!! 
      • *Tail-end, Finish-up...
  • CrowPi
    • PLAY!
    • Pick a project & Explore!
      • *Use the provided CrowPi book to explore projects in groups of 3 per Pi.
      • Make sure everyone in your group gets a turn at the helm!
  • Sphero
    • Two Groups of 6 each go head-to-head on an obstacle course challenge
    • PLAY: Driving & Control!
    • Drawing & sensor feedback
    • Code your robot to navigate the course autonomously!
      • You'll have 10 minutes to play and draw
      • You'll have 20 minutes to code your robot's navigation
      • Your team will have 3 attempts at the obstacle course; even the failed attempts count!
      • You'll receive points for completed obstacles, and points for the percentage of the course traversed.
      • *Winning teams get a prize or recognition!

If you've completed your projects and CrowPi, jump in and help your pals get through; learn, and grow!

11:30 - Lunch: Pizza!

12:15 - Dessert: LEAN Manufacturing Exercise; ICECREAM!

12:45 - Cleanup & prepare for Mini Maker-Fest!

Explore Time: A Tour of RCBI!

  • Pick your favorite kit or project and work more with it!
  • Finish up any outstanding projects
  • Make sure you know how to keep the models you made this week... even share them...
    • Recall the chicken prosthetic-leg project on Thingiverse don't forget you can upload too, and join the innovator community
    • Other repositories
    • Yeggi search engine for 3D Models!
  • Your NEXT LEVEL of tools & software...
    • Google Sketchup
    • Autodesk: Fusion 360

2:00 - Welcome Parents & Show-off 😉 !!

  • Present Certificates
  • Present Commendations
  • Help Campers Gather Take-Home Items & Depart

*Be sure to share contact info with the friends you've made at camp so you can stay in touch!

Don't forget, you can find lots of resources, as well as blog posts about your visit to camp, at !

General Resources!!

Coding with Minecraft Pi

Click here to download a .zip of the .py script we used to program, flash, and animate the CrowPi LED matrix - shows up on your screen too!