The NASA West Virginia
Space Grant Consortium

Maker Fundamentals Workshops are brought to you by the generous support of the NASA WV Space Grant Consortium!

Workshops in 3 categories will be offered:

  • 3D Design & Printing;
  • Computer-Controlled Cutting;
  • Build It Hands-on!

Some workshops are labeled "Mom & Dad Make!" This indicates a project for all ages, even the very young when accompanied by an adult (children 7 and under may participate in this hands-on workshop with a guardian’s guidance).

Build It Hands-on!

*See below how this workshop helps Scouts earn Robotics Badges!

Assembling and operating this hydraulic arm will teach basic mechanics and hydraulics; this entirely custom designed kit was created with free design tools, and cut on the X Carve in the Maker Vault! You'll hand-build this project, made of wood, syringe cylinders, and dowel rods, using zip-ties and simple fasteners, and leave with a fully functional remote controlled hydraulic arm. This kit comes with either functional grippers or an electromagnet you'll make yourself! 

All materials and assembly instructions are provided, The group will be guided through the assembly process, followed by a friendly competition to test your skills with your new robotic arm! No experience or expertise required.

Kids of all ages welcome, under 7 accompanied by an adult for Mom & Dad Make! Cost is $18 per person for the hydraulic gripper arm, $24 per person for electromagnet arm ($18/$24 respectively, per child, per kit, for Mom & Dad Make; parent participation free when you work with your child on his/her project!)

OfferedSaturday Morning (05/18/19) 10 am to noon at RCBI Huntington ~DIY Electromagnet!~

   *For the curious or hesitant, this workshop is an excellent light introduction to hydraulics, electromagnetism, and mechanical systems!!
   *Participation in this workshop gets you an introductory discount to membership in our Maker Vault! Ask us how…

Additional dates to be announced. Workshops will run from January through May 2019! Email Deacon Stone ( to receive notifications about future workshops.

* The "Scouts & Bots Approved" stamp is included on projects and activities that help Scouts earn Robotics & STEM Badges! *Please coordinate with your scout-master or program guide to earn your organization's recognition of your accomplishments!