Maker Master Class: Lunch & Lasers 04/24/19


Maker Master Class: Lunch & Lasers @ RCBI!

Wednesday, April 24th, from  noon to 1:30.

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This Maker Master Class workshop is brought to you by RCBI STEM Education & Maker Programs, and RCBI’s Shared Manufacturing; bringing costly and capable industrial equipment within reach for everyone from Artist to Engineer, from Corporation to Community!

This Lunch & Lasers –or Pizza & Lasers!— workshop is a hands-on mid-day activity in which you’ll design a simple key-chain with your initials or name… then see it cut on our 4,000 watt industrial laser cutter!

Your Master Makers –Shared Manufacturing engineer Brian Brown, and STEM Education coordinator Deacon Stone– will bring within reach our industrial Shared Manufacturing equipment, by expanding an existing CNC workshop offering: the NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium sponsored Maker Fundamentals Workshops!

Attendees: allow up to 1.5 hours, from 12-1:30 for a lunchtime design/build hands-on workshop. Pizza and refreshments will be provided, for a quick meal in between workshop activities.

Participants will spend the first 30-45 minutes familiarizing themselves with a web-browser-based design tool, such as Autodesk’s TinkerCAD, Inventable’s EASEL, or other such software. Deacon Stone will administer this portion in the computer lab. A stencil-font and shapes will be used to design a small key-chain with initials, name, or other small symbols. Participants will learn to navigate a design environment, familiarize themselves with file-types, and use naming conventions and cloud-based file management to keep designs organized.

Participants will then join Brian Brown in the Shared Manufacturing area, where designs will be organized onto a cut-sheet, loaded onto the large laser cutter, and cut from stainless steel. Participants will take their key-chains with them.

Cost: $18 per participant, seats limited to 12.

After this exercise, you’ll possess all entry-level skills to pilot your own projects in RCBI’s Maker Programs, or Shared Manufacturing. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with other creatives, as well as RCBI staff and engineers, spent time on-site, and possess an experiential understanding of design, engineering, and manufacturing fundamentals!

*This is an all ages friendly activity!! Children as young as eight, accompanied by an adult participant are welcome to join in!

 This Scouts & Bots Approved project includes exposure to activities accomplishing objectives for earning Robotics & STEM Badges! *Please coordinate with your scout-master or program guide for your organizations recognition of your accomplishments!


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