Maker Vault Membership!

From: $14.00 / month

RCBI’s Maker Vault provides the community with a space to experiment, develop, and learn through self-led projects and group workshops. Making high-end professional equipment and materials accessible for all, the Maker Vault extends RCBI’s support of innovation and entrepreneurship; and gives a retired bank vault new life as a repository of ideas and creativity.

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Select from:
Member – Standard Maker Vault Member 15 years of age & up
Student – K-12 or Enrolled Full Time
Educator – Professional Instructor, Teacher or Professor
Veteran – Discharged or Active Duty Service-member, or Citizen-Soldiers, National or Air-National Guard etc.
First Responder – Publicly Funded First Responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Etc *not volunteers, but thank you for your service!
Family – Couples, or Families with Children. Children under age 15 must be attended by an adult at all times, children under age 13 may require additional waivers, and/or not be able to directly operate some equipment.



With a Maker Vault membership, you receive access to our high-end, professional equipment as well as:

  • Expert training and assistance for all equipment
  • Access to Maker Vault classes and workshops
  • Access to materials and supplies to build your creations

Memberships are only $24 a month for adults and $14 for veterans & active duty, first-responders, students & educators!

Summer Hours:
M-F 9-5

*extended hours Fall-Spring
TTh 9-8:30pm

*extended hours Winter
Sat 10-6:30

Equipment available in the RCBI Maker Vault:

3D printers:

  • Makerbot Replicator 2’s
  • Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental
  • INVENT3D Printer
  • LulzBot TAZ 5

X-Carve tabletop CNC router 
Buffalo Dental Tray-Vac Vacuum Forming System
Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter

Soldering Setups
Desktop & Laptop Computers
Planning, Assembly, & Workspace

Additional information

Maker Vault Membership

Assisted, Educator, Family, First Responder, Member, RCBI Employee, Student, Veteran


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